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You’re now in nursing school, taking Med/Surg. class and find yourself with a pile of books and power points to read through! In Nursing school, there’s just not enough time to read every single nursing book front to back! Most Medical/Surgical Nursing books are huge and impossible to read through every single page! This study guide does the work for you! Cuts your time in half! Instead of spending time writing notes, this study guide condenses and guides you to grasp the key concepts. This study guide book helps you break down what you need to focus on and learn in Med/Surg….The Key Concepts.

MED/SURG class in nursing school breaks down the body into systems and reviews the diseases in those systems. It is considered the foundation of Nursing and helps you to understand a wide variety of diseases. This study guide tool organizes for you the pertinent information needed to know in Med/Surg. This study guide is a tool to help you grasp the highly important disease processes of each body system.


The Author

Cristina Magallon

Cristina is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s degree in Nursing and a PCCN certification (Progressive care certified Nurse).

She also has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and prior to her career in Nursing has worked in various non-profit organizations. She has 7 years total of Nursing experience. She has worked in various inpatient hospital settings such as Med/Surg., Telemetry, Neurology, Step-down and ER. Her goal is to become a well-rounded nurse, familiar with different areas of Nursing. She has a strong passion in helping others and incorporating creativity into the study guides. She enjoys precepting new nurses, growing her critical thinking skills, and is very passionate about Education.

“I hope you find this study guide useful and it serves its purpose in being an extra resource to ease your way in nursing “

Cristina Magallon